ADA Website Accessibility Lawsuits2019-03-14T00:45:14-05:00

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The spike in ADA website lawsuits has been exacerbated by a handful of attorneys who have spotted an easy way to make money, by encouraging disabled plaintiffs to make multiple claims against different companies. The most common claims asserted in lawsuits are that the website content cannot be read by assistive software or screen-reading devices.

The lawsuit culture that surrounds website accessibility has grown steadily over the past few years and shows no signs of slowing.

ADA noncompliant website lawsuits affect companies in many industries in America. Insufficient progress toward accessibility has contributed to the problem.

The industries that received the biggest focus in web accessibility litigation include retail, food service, travel, hospitality, banking, financial, entertainment, leisure, and self-service.

Companies have not been proactive enough in both action and communication of digital accessibility, especially as people with disabilities rely more and more on them.

With the recent spike in website accessibility lawsuits, companies should review their websites for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to avoid litigation.