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About ADA Non-Compliance Lawsuits

There has been a rise in lawsuits filed against many consumer websites for violations of Title III of the ADA. Plaintiffs in these cases allege that ADA non-compliant websites are discriminatory because they are not accessible to people with vision or hearing disabilities.

Most of these lawsuits have been filed in New York, Florida, and California federal court and are styled as class action lawsuits. The relief sought is required website remediation to allow people with disabilities to access content.

There are also state and local statutory claims being asserted in New York claiming that websites violate human rights laws that guarantee equal access for people with disabilities.

At least 935 lawsuits were launched last year because companies failed to make their websites accessible to people with disabilities.

Companies of all sizes must take steps to review their websites to assess whether they comply with the ADA and human rights laws. Any company with over 15 employees is subject to the ADA and its requirements, though small businesses can still be sued under human or civil rights statutes.

With the allure of attorney-fee awards incentivizing opportunistic plaintiff attorneys, more ADA lawsuits alleging website inaccessibility are sure to come. Internet usage and online shopping will only increase with time, thus keeping this issue distinctly in the legal spotlight. Business owners would be wise to bite the bullet and address website accessibility now before your card is pulled.